2015 "Stub Wilson" recipient, Jim Alchin, presents award to

2016, current President of LBLA,  Marty Vyskocil  

2016 "Stub Wilson" recipient, President Marty Vyskocil, presents award to 

2017, past treasure of LBLA, Kristen Bond.

Recipients of "Stub Wilson" Award

2007  Maurice "Stub" Wilson

2008  Norm Schmidt

2009  Cathy Mashburn

2010  Sue McEwen

2011  Roger Kelly

2012  Tony Minetal

2013  John Lescelius

2014  Mike Hughes

2015  Jim Alchin

​2016  Marty Vyskocil

​2017  Kristen Bond

2014 "Stub Wilson" recipient, Mike Hughes, presents award to  2015 Jim Alchin

2013 "Stub Wilson" recipient, John Lescelius, presents award to 2014  Mike Hughes

At this time, pictures of all recipients for the "Stub Wilson Award" or why these individuals were presented  the award is not available.  If anyone has any information on these recipients please send this information to the webmaster.

As reported in the LBLA Newletter,  April 2008:

Thirty-seven years ago, the Lobdell-Bennett Lake Association was begun by a group of lake residents. Maurice "Stub" Wilson was one of those residents.

    Stub has worked hard for the lake issues over all those years and is the only one of those charter members to remain faithful.  Stub has worked hard for each issue: sewers, weed control, stump removal, lake level i.e. buying the Mill and water rights, selling the mill and retaining the water rights, the dock ordinance, and now lake safety and dam repairs.  

"Stub" a long time dedicated lake resident

April 2008 of Stub receiving award,

Stub began having health issues and has had to cut back some from the lake board. A group of members on the lake board felt we should recognize Stub for his long service.  Out of this discussion, it was decided to honor him with a plaque and award it in his honor.  Thus, on October 24, 2007, the award, known as the

"Lobdell-Bennett Lake Association Stub Wilson Dedication Award"

was presented to Stub.

Stub is the first recipient, but each year at the annual meeting, a new person is added to the plaque, in recognition to their long standing dedication to the improvement of the lakes. ""

The Argentine Township Board agreed to the prominent display of the plaque at the left of the entry door to the meeting room in the Argentine Township Hall

Stub Wilson Award

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