This page is for you.  It can not be completed until YOU send us your favorite lake Pic's.

So just send your pics and a brief description to the WEBMASTER and they will put is on this page.  We can't finish this page with out your help.         

Just our beloved little girl enjoying a ride.  RIP

If you send a picture to be put on the are giving us permission to put it on the web.

Dave's nice Pike - Winter

Jake's beautiful Pike 2012

As we enjoy our evening cruise, our lakes present us with some of the most beautiful sunsets.

A  deer on Strawberry Island comes out to see what all the noise is under the bridge. What the heck is all this noise?   Even this alligator in Alligator Alley  (not a real alligatorfor those who are worried) is wondering what is this boat doing stuck under the bridge?

I tell you...lake living isn't always easy.

My husband, Mr Genovesi, and his new toy.

You'll see him playing at the South end of the lake.

The following pictures have been provided by Carl Snavely, a lake resident

Northwest Shore Lobdell Shore by Patrick Cadry  Aug. 2013

Photo Gallery

The  EAGLE  has landed

Luke, age 13, took this picture of an eagle as he road his wave runner in Lobdell Lake July 2015

Thanks Carl for sharing your time on the lakes with us.

Photo by K. Frederick, Lobdell Lake,  June 2013

A beautiful sun set on Hartwood over Labor Day 2015

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