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LBLA   P.O. Box 152   Linden, MI. 48451

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LBLA Board members

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District 1

Marcus Paul

John Lescelius

Teri Hough

                                                   Angle Dr. /Argentine Rd.                    

                                     Belfast Dr./ Bennett Lake Rd.

District 2

Dave Moose

                                         S.Seymour Rd. / Silver Lake Rd.

    Sunset Way

District 3

Jim Vargo

Doug Springer

                    Cove Dr. / Crest Dr.

                             Moran Dr. / Softwater Dr.

          Whitehead Dr.

District 4

Alison Williston

Deb Schafer

                                Glen Hatt Dr. / Knobhill Dr.

                                              Windwood Beach / Majestic  Woods

                                              Kovacs / Lobdell Rd   15488 -15526

                                     Haviland Beach   8069 - 16324

District 5

Ray Belcher

Leonard Brown

                                                         Far-Dun Dr. / Haviland Beach  7331 - 8065

                            Hilltop Dr. / Island Court

                                                       Lobdell Rd. 7179 -7273 / Silver Cove Ct.

                            Switzer / Waterview Ln.

District 6

Jim Alchin

Tony Minatel

Paul McEwen

                               Bluegill Island / Close Dr.

                                       Delmar Dr. /Hartwood Dr.

                                    Hillcrest Dr / Oakhill Dr.

                               Selma Dr. / Sharon Dr.

                                              Shaws Landing / Stages Island

District 7

Rick Kursik

Mike Hughes

                                      Abby & Cohoctah / Alvord Dr.

                                        Bennett Lake Rd. / Katrine Dr.

                                  Theather Ct. / Westminster

Lobdell - Bennett Lake Board Members

District Representatives


The lakes are divided into districts.  Check the map below the and match your district with your representative.  Have questions or concerns?   Contact your district rep.

President:                                              Marty Vyskocil


Vice President :                            Pat Gallemore

Secretary:                                       Ben Kiehl

Treasurer:                                                                           Tod Fisher

Deerfield Township Rep:        Mike Hughes

Argentine Township Rep::      Tom Hallman

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