Bass Div.

  Squirt   1st   Spencer    .86 lbs.

               2nd   Robert    .55

              3rd    Monte     .16

 Junior   1st     Kaitlyn    2.41 lbs.

              2nd     Wyatt      2.21

              3rd     Marcus   2.00

Pike Div.

Squirt      1st place        Jayce    2.51

Junior    1st place      Lizzy   3.82

              2nd  place    Tyler    .97

              3rd  place     Luke    .53

AND the Winners are:

Pan Div. 

  Squirt        1st. place    Robert    .15 lbs

 Juniors:       1st place         Luke       .14 lbs

                          2nd                    Chandler   .06 lbs

July 11, 2015, was a great day for our young fishing peeps. It was a cool, clear morning and by noon, the youngsters lined up for the weigh in of their catch hoping to be the winner of either the

Squirts age 0-9 or Juniors age 10-17.

2014 LBLA Fishing Contest Winners

2015 LBLA Fishing Contest Winners

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Fishing Contest 2013 Winners

LBLA Fishing Contest

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