The following is what we presently know about LBLA.  If you have something more, please share it with a LBLA Board member by e-mail.Or come to one of the monthly meetings at the Argentine Community Center, located where Seymore Rd. dead ends onto Silver Lake Rd.  and we'd love to hear from you


Stub Wilson gave the board a thick notebook full of old documents from when his wife, Dotty was an officer of the association.  At that time, it was called the Lobdell Lake Property Owners & Improvement Association.

Per Doug Lentz

The Association began in 1974(?), because of a large problem with lake weeds, and a need for sewers. It was so bad that the only way to the public access was through a small lane kept open by boats.

Presidents from that time were:

1974 Harold Arnott & Matt Duncan Not sure who was first
1975 Dick Pharris  
1976 Dick Lindsey Resigned
1976 Doug Lentz  
1977 Doug Lentz  
1978 Norm Schmidt Resigned became Township Supervisor
1978 Doug Lentz  

In 1975, we had a weed cutter, which worked pretty good, and generated a lot of money for the association. I had the responsibility to keep it running, but after a few years it was beat to death. The cutter bar had been broken off 6 or 7 times, and the motor had to be rebuilt. One time I welded the cutter bar back on inside the garage but couldn't get the machine out the door when I was done.

We use to have boat parades of over 50 boats in the summer (1975), and we had  Halloween and Christmas dances, and summer picnics. This association was the second one for the lake. There was another one that disolved about 3 years before this one started. This associatiion almost faded out in the early 80s, because after the sewers went in, a lot of interest was lost.

Norm Schmidt became township supervisor in about 1978 and if it were not for him we would have never gotten sewers.  In fact at one time we almost had sewers, and it all fell through and we had to start all over. We got so good at filling out paper work people in Lansing said we should consult on how to get the paper work through.

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