Now whose future keeper of a walleye will this be?

500 baby croppies

Meet the members of the Lobdell -Bennett Lake Fish Stocking Committee of 2015.

  Paul McEwen,    Ben Kiehl,    John Varilek,   Larry King,   Sue McEwen

If you could look within their buckets they carry, you would find 400 baby perch.

They are released into the lakes. 

Happy swimming ... and be sure to look for my hook in the future. 

and 1000 walleye.

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With the support of funds from your dues and donations by others, close to 2000 fish were purchased on Nov. 1, 2015  Here you see some of the committee members heading out to the lakes to release them. 

As explained in early 2015, the DNR does NOT support our lakes for any fish stocking programs.  It has been close to 10 yrs. since our lakes have been stocked with any new fish. Therefore, a committee of lake residents began a fish stocking program for our lakes.  With the support of your LBLA dues and donations from lake residents, close to 2000 fish were purchased an release into out lakes on November 1, 2015.   

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